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I am in 10th grade right now

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    I am new on the news group, and I want to say hi to everyone.
    I am in 10th grade right now, and interested in many things. I want to be either a composer or a theoretical physicist. I hope I meet some nice knowledgable people here.
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    Re: Hi

    hi! i am not much better off. (i'm only in ninth.)

    i have no doubt you will.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Hi merong, and welcome to PF. That's great that you want to be a theoretical physicist. We have a few professional ones here. You can also use PF to help with your current studies in math and science.

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    Re: Hi

    Welcome to PF!

    Be both!
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    Re: Hi

    Yeah... Pull a Kepler...
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    Welcome to the PFs, merong. I hope to see more posts from you in the future. This is an excellent place to have your questions answered, or to post any of your ideas.
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