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I am just too judgementa

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    Sometimes i feel that i am just too judgemental. does anyone else ever feel like this. maybe im thinkin too much about it
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    We all judge acording to what we believe..the trick is to keep these judgements to yourself.
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    thanks for your reply, but sometimes i think judgements just leak into your life anyway. with everything you do, its hard not to let those judgements interfere?
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    I'm sure its how I developed the standards which I live by. But I can still be friends with people who choose to live differently, or have a different set of standards. Even if you whole-heartedly disagree with someone, there is nearly always a common ground.
    But yes, its easy to make yourself a island, and to keep others off it. But in the big picture, its just not much fun.
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    Ha! Ha! We are all judgemental. The wise man knows it. The fool just thinks he is right. You obviously are wise. Keep it up.
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    That is good, in my opinion, since you can probably tell apart people who are good to you, and people who are "playing" with you. You can try to be more like me-more sarcastic.
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    I think it's good that you at least recognize this trait. If you feel you are being overly judgemental and don't like that about yourself, it's within your ability to change that.
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    There is no wisdom in accepting our own flaws and calling those who wish to improve "fools".

    Here is a guide to becoming less judgemental:

    1) If you have beliefs that you would never discuss with others, because you feel it is the sort of thing about which people "just disagree", then examine your own justifications for these beliefs.

    2) Think about many different moods that you have been in, and before you say anything important consider what you would have said if you were instead in each of the previous states (choose them to be different, taken from a different time in life, if you feel you have been through several personalities of experience).

    3) Work to achieve the true mental state of others. Just like any skill, this one can be refined, you can get better at imagining yourself in someone elses shoes, and find real answers to why they would have the beliefs that are bothering you. You will find that they come from differences in how our bodies and minds work/feel, and the different sets of experiences each individual has.
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    i think it might have a lot to do with 'self-centered-ness'. what does every1 think?
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    I didn't mean that wanting to improve yourself makes you a fool. No. Only that realizing that one is judgemental is the first step toward improving ones self. The fool is the one who is judgemental and doesn't realize it.
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    if no one ever judged anyone else then their wouldn't be any reason to improve, life isn't supposed to be fair, you have to deal with as it comes and if that means improving yourself do it.
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