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I am leaving this forum

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    I am no old school member, but I have enjoyed the forum until now.

    Before this thread is deleted, I will tell you why.

    Evo, an op, has closed a thread recently without understand it or even reading it. It's not the first time she's done this. The last time she did it to me, it was re opened. It is obvious to me that she has op status not due to any abilities or knowledge of hers, but due to her social network. Someone without ability moderating is very annoying.

    I'm gone. I'm sure I won't be missed, and that's fine. This sort of problem doesn't seem to exist as much on stack exchange, and there's more people using that anyway.
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    How could you possibly know any of the things you assert?
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    It is very likely you do not appreciate how difficult a job moderating a forum is.
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    Not knowing why your thread was closed, I'm pretty sure that Evo had a very good reason to close it. When its happened to me, I asked her and got some real insight into why.

    In one case, I was giving out medical advice based on personal experience not realizing the possible state of the OP and why they were asking the question. Evo explained the liabilities that PF might be subject to if something were to happen. I was thankful she caught it.

    In other cases, I've seen PF cancel threads because of questionable science topics. You can't have a forum that discusses real science and pseudo science together and not have students confused about which is which. PF has decidedly chosen to stay on the real science side and avoid these types of traps that can bring in all manner of alternative and personal theories.

    Enjoy StackExchange, I use it from time to time for programming issues mostly but it uses a different mechanism from moderators by letting people vote on answers which doesn't always work well in the science/math arena.

    Take for example the Monty Hall problem, popular voting would wind up with the wrong answer drowning out the right one which takes a great deal of thought to convince yourself that its indeed right.
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    Thanks for the feedback. This is a fluid situation and we'll update when we have one. Thanks!! :)
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    Sorry oneamp, I had deleted my original post and in my haste it appears my closing remark was confusing. Any time that you have a question you can PM me or hit the report button and ask for clarification. I am saddened that closing the thread upset you so much, it certainly was not my intention.

    I have updated my response to be clearer as to why the thread was closed.

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