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I am looking for good Date Ideas

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    Anyone know any good websites for date ideas?

    Im 17 - Living in Cali
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    Don't know where you live but here in San Diego I know there are a few "under 21" clubs.

    Is that the kind of thing you mean?
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    Umm... Not really lookin for clubs...

    I would be more interested in just some fun creative type date ideas that you can do anywhere... Maybe park dates or good creative things to go do... Does that make sense?

    Haha pretty much just looking for some cheesy fun things to go do.
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    I would be interested in some good date ideas as well. Most the ideas I come across are a small list of very expensive things to do. Not everyone is made of money....
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    Universities near you might feature student recitals if they have a music department. Those can be very entertaining. And perhaps you could get access to no-cost rehearsals at their theater. The U of Maine used to host free public outreach programs at their little observatory, with a very old Alvan Clark 8" refractor. I once took a lovely young lady on a get-to-know-you outing to feed apples to the Agriculture department's cows. That was a fun one. She was from NJ and never saw a cow up-close and was sure we would be trampled.

    You don't have to think "money" to have fun. You can have fun feeding bread to ducks at the local mill-pond. Bird-watching can be fun - an inexpensive bird guide and some cheap optical assistance can be enough to have a fun outing. If you have a digital camera, you could hunt for interesting stuff to take pictures of... If you have conservation groups in your region, you can search their resources looking for nature walks. Generally, those are free. Here in Maine, we have some nature-walks that are constructed of boarded bridges and walkways to protect bogs and marshes from foot-traffic, and we have the most surprising array of carnivorous plants, orchids, and other stuff that you might not expect in a northern climate. Such areas are rich in wildlife, and can be a great place to see a variety of birds, too.
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    when you are of age, the wine country in northern CA is excellent date material. Avoid commercial Napa for more user friendly Sonoma, e.g. Healdsburg. The southerly area is nice too, near Cambria.

    You might try a cooking date, researching some recipes and practicing cooking for your date.

    some farms let you pick the fruit.

    or if you are athletic, you might go biking together. some places in CA are so beautiful just going there suffices, like the coast south of SFO (Julia Feiffer beach?), but you need some money for lunch or pack a picnic.

    If you want to waste some money, you might go to a casino.

    Bird watching can be fun, or photography, but that costs money.

    If you know your girl, what she likes gives you a clue.

    going to a baseball game can be fun even sitting in the cheap seats.

    music lovers can enjoy a concert.
    university film festivals are delightful for film lovers.

    some planetariums have amazing shows.

    street fairs are cheap fun when they occur.

    do gooders can help habitat for humanity build a house.

    dancing is something lots of girls enjoy, so if you don't you could take some lessons.

    Warning though, the bar always gets higher. Next week I'm taking my best girl to Hawaii.
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    I like Serena

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    Do physics or math homework together. :approve:
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    Not that much, really. Peterson's field guides can be life-long investments, and binoculars aren't absolutely necessary. Digital photography is dirt-cheap, apart from the purchase of a camera. I can't begin to explain how many thousands of dollars I spent of film, developing, and printing in ~40 years of film photography. I've got a couple of nice Canon DSLs and some great lenses, but a relatively inexpensive Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 is a constant companion. It fits easily into a shirt pocket, and its macro performance is wonderful (Leica Aspheric lens). No film to buy, preview the shots, delete the bad ones, and keep the rest on a hard drive. No need to print them if you want to avoid that expense. It doesn't cost much to keep the battery charged.
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    For first dates, some type of active activity is good - as opposed to a movie where the two of you are more doing the same thing in the same place than doing something together or opposed to dinner where you have to fill up a couple hours with conversation you might not know all that well, yet.

    Dancing and roller skating are both good. They're active activities, plus even encourage a little bit of physical contact.

    Mud wrestling? Well, it has its positive points, but is probably a little much for a first date.
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    Found some more fun ideas - Just thought I would share a few!!
    -- Make a movie together—find odd props around the house, then come up with a funny scenario to act out.
    -- Have a backwards date and do everything backwards from what you normally do on a date.
    -- Put on funny accents and go around town asking for directions to places that don't exist ~ Mark
    -- Buy flowers and give them to random people on the street who look like they need a “pick-me-up”
    -- Marshmallow fight
    -- Get a raft and put ii in a pool. Everyone get on the raft and watch “Jaws” projected on the side of the house.
    -- Go out with some clip boards and do a survey in a public place. Use funny questions about how many times people brush their teeth and what they had for dinner.
    -- Cartoon date: Meet at 9am and watch cartoons while eating your favorite kids cereal...must be in your pajamas.
    -- Go panning for gold in a river. Wear a funny hat and act like you really need to find some.
    -- Go to a restaurant—just order appetizers
    -- Go chat with random people and see how long people will talk with you in public place.
    -- Have a progressive meal
    Directions: Select different restaurants around town and go to each one. Order drinks at one, appetizers at another, go somewhere new for the main course, and top it off with your favorite desert in town.
    -- Go ice blocking—slide down big hills on a large block of ice. Bring towels to lay on the ice (to sit on).
    -- Make Tee Shirts – start with some blank white or collared tees, then get creative with sharpies and paint.

    Thanks Guys, For Your Ideas!! I am still looking if you have any more...
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    Wow, a list of extroverted date ideas on a physics site. ;)
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    I think that list was meant as a joke.

    However, even science and math majors have extroverted date ideas:

    1) Count the dots on her shoes.

    We even have introverted date ideas:

    1) Count the dots on your shoes.
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    I think the best date I ever had was in north Africa
    [PLAIN]http://www.redriverfoods.com/images/photos/583dates.jpg [Broken]
    I was not really a fan of dates until then :biggrin:
    And they are so great with milk!
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    My favorite date is Friday, September 10, 1752.

    Friday, Friday... gotta get down on Friday!
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