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I am Lukas Exemplar

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    I am Lukas Exemplar. Science fascinates me. So does technology. I want to learn more about it in general, however the biggest reason I am here is probably because I love to write, especially in the science fiction genre (as well as fantasy, and I often like to mix them up into science fantasy, getting a little pseudoscientific but while staying somewhat withim the boundaries of real physics.) and I am looking for inspiration, to get my questions about tech and science answered by experts etc. I've also had writer's block since I was around 17, which majorly stinks... but I want to get out of it now!
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    Welcome to the PF, Lukas! :smile:

    You've probably already found our SciFi Writing forum. For technical questions, post in the appropriate technical forum, and post links to the reading you've been doing on your question so far, so we can understand where your confusion may be. Enjoy!
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    Awesome username! :wink:
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    Welcome! When I get writers' block I hit the square bracket [and just type whatever's on my mind, usually how much what I'm writing sucks and why can't I make it better, or that thing my girlfriend said, what did she mean???]

    Another trick, along similar lines, is to sit down and just write whatever comes into your head, unedited, for a fixed length of time. Start with 15 minutes a day, build up to 45. Only rule is you can't stop! It doesn't have to be good, doesn't have to make sense, just write.

    Hope that helps!
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