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I am new. Help me

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    Hey all. I am new. I am from the merry old land of aus (Australia), in the southern state called victoria. I almost crapped my pants when i saw this site. I couldn't believe that there were people interested in this stuff so much. I am in year 12, and i have my biology exam on the 1st of november. I have so much to learn and so little time. If anyone can post up some study notes, i would be more than gratefull.

    Thank you. :biggrin:
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    like what?
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    hehe.. this is exactly what you DIDN'T want to hear.

    Year 12 biology is useless for university.. went over and surpassed the whole thing in 3 weeks. Oh.. and please come to monash, the number1 in biological sciences in victoria :)
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    Sorry mate, doing commerce at deakin. Bio ain't exactly my strongest of subjects. I would love notes on meiosis and meitosis (spelling) and notes on PCR, gene alleles, gene linkage, inheritance, sex linked and autosomal differences etc.
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    try reading your book. that's the 1st place i look when i have questions. it's physics that'll make me go crazy. : )
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    The book is sometimes very hard to understand, as it likes to dance around an issue, rather than give it to you straight up. If any one has any study notes i would love to see them.
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    I don't have notes on Mitosis and Mieosis, but I do know about them. I am just getting into Genetics (Hereditary).

    If you have a specific question on Mitosis or Mieosis I can probably answer it. Honestly, I'd say ask your teacher and extrapolate what the book is saying. I spent hours reading over the material and asking questions to find out the - important things - that the book doesn't go into detail on. Memorization in Biology is flawed due to the requirement for knowledge of the concepts; however, that's where the book presents problems in explaining things.

    Yeah, I can't give you any notes but I can try and help with specific questions. In my opinion Biology is one of the hardest high school courses one can take, if not the hardest overall.

    To make another unfortanate comment. Mitosis and Meiosis aren't fully understood, which makes it difficult to incorporate multiple theories into an answer. Stick with it!
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    Thanks mate. Here is a specific question then. Whats the difference between meiosis and mitosis? I never fully understood the difference.
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    Basically the difference is that only the cell that becomes either sperm or egg will go through meiosis. Meosis is basically mitosis and then a secondcell division without chromosome duplication. Meosis results in 4 cells with 23 chromosome, also refered as n, and mitosis results in 2 cells with 23 pair of chromosome, 2n.
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    Well I have a good deal about bio behind me. Feel free to email and ask questions if this forum gets too crowded. I'm here to help.
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    Thanks all. I understand the difference now. My bio exam is on monday (today is friday). I had my english exam today. ****ing ****!!! Bio is better. At least its exiting!
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    Hope your exam went well. In the future, feel free to ask specific questions, such as the one you posted above about the difference between meiosis and mitosis. We can help you with those, but are not going to type out study notes for you. Take good notes in class, and read your book (a good study tip is to skim through the chapter ahead of the lecture covering it, then read it more thoroughly after the lecture, and make sure your notes make sense with what's in the book), and ask for clarification of what doesn't make sense. Depending on your question, we might not give you a direct answer, but will try to lead you toward the right answer with more questions for you to think about...you'll learn it better that way.
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