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I am new. I am Tenshou

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    Hello, everyone far and near! I am new. I am Tenshou (天性). I do not know if this would be considered spam since this is an introductory post, yet I will find out m(¬0¬)m. I don't know where to start , but here. I love Mathematics in the most broadest sense. From Graph Theory to Abstract Algebras, from differential forms to information theory. Everything is connected. Maths among other things such as botany, photography and (psycho-)linguistics are pleasurable to me. I hope I can have a fun time on this form with all the brilliant people on here (。’▽’。)♡
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    Re: Inborn.

    Hiya! Connected, path connected, or simply connected? =D Glad to see you like so many different parts of math and hope you go far with it mate!
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    Re: Inborn.

    Welcome to PF!
    Tell us, what is your favorite fish?
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    Re: Inborn.

    Hello Tenshou! Welcome to PF. :smile:

    Yeah, tell us what is your favorite fish??
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    I like rainbow fish, They are lovely fish which bring back childhood memories, and they are so kawaii (人´∀`*)
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    Ooh, that's so sweet :!!)
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    Oh thank you. Can any of you direct me to graph theory topics or topics dealing with graphs?
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