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I am Screwed Beyond Belief

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    Ok so I made my own account on the "family" computer that i will be taking with me in Spetember and I put a password on it and 8 digit number that is burned into my head, my new account is also an administrator while the family file has no password and is a limited account. I sign of the family account and try and get on my new account when i enter the password it is invaild,ive entered it several times now to try and get it right but i have had no luck is there anything that i can do to gain access to the new file, without lossing all the files off my comp?
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    Try your pwd with the caps lock toggled?
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    log into Administrator (i think there might be a pasword
    go back onto Family acount and maybe create a new admin acount or change the pasword for the other acount?

    gp into user accounts (in widnows explorer/control pannel, user acounts) and klick on the link, then you might beable to change the password from the bottom of the new window. else, i have no idea except ghost HDD and then reformat (ps i like reformatting, it cleanses the HDD of windows, the greatest folly of the moddern world, hehehe)
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    i cant not log in as any sort of adminastrator because the only file with adminastrator status is the one that i am locked out of.

    what is ghost HDD?
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    its a program that copys everything off the original HDD onto another, then you can reinstall windows and access the data from that OS.

    it might not work, but it could work if you could just partition a section off out of the OS.... but you could install another OS windows on to the HDD, create an admin acount, then copy all the data off, format the HDD and all that jazz, PM me for the details and ill show you what i did
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    If you are still having problem, try going into Safe Mode (by pressing F8), and there you will see a new administration account, with no password. Get in there, and change the password of any account you want to change.
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    Knoppix is your friend

    http://xdroop.homeip.net/space/Windows/Reset+XP+Local+Admin+Password [Broken]

    heres another way also:

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    get umbuntu Linux Live! i cant believe ai didnt realise this before LOL there you go
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