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I Am So Glad!

  1. Jan 12, 2006 #1
    My physics class rules.


    1: It's not a "school-required class", Which means that the speed of learning is adequate for not ripping my hair out in disgust. However, it IS a collegebound-required course, so I still have quite a few potential dropouts. Lucky for me, 5 kids've dropped out of it already.

    2: It gives me something to procrastinate, then finish in my school-required Engrish class right before it. ^_^

    3: I FINALLY LOVE MATH! I finally get how numbers can represent real situations, and I love it. I knew they did, but now I UNDERSTAND.

    4: It may be simple mechanics, motion, forces, and such, but It's still something somewhat new, not really challenging, but better then, say, Engrish.

    5: Physics is just fun, ya know? All science is, and poo on those who don't think they are.
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    It makes me sad you think there is a science/language (in this case, English) conflict. All science concepts have to be imparted via verbal language, and it should be clear from reading threads around here that the majority of misunderstanding are language-based: posters can't express themselves and readers lack reading comprehension.
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    Why is it lucky for you that kids have dropped out of the class? :confused: It seems sad for them, and seems odd that you'd be happy for their difficulties.

    I also suggest you give just as much focus to your English class. I'll echo what Zooby said; language and science are not divorced from one another. It is absolutely essential that any good scientist be able to communicate clearly, precisely, and concisely. In the publish or perish world, written communication skills can truly make or break a scientist's career. True scholars need a broad knowledge-base that encompasses more than just their specialty. Put your best effort forward in every one of your subjects.
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    If they didn't drop out, most teachers would slow the whole class down so they learn.

    I don't agree with approach by most teachers. The good students suffer, meanwhile the slower students can simply just take an easier version of the course. Most good students don't have the option of taking a more advanced class because even the advanced class itself might have its slow students that shouldn't be there.

    I love the fact that any student is interested in pursuing mathematics just don't slow me down too much. Slow me down a little, but not too much.
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    I think it's okay to appreciate that your school has an AP track -- I felt very lucky that my small highschool had AP math for the few of us who could keep up. It really helped me a lot to be able to be pushed all through HS, rather than just being lazy.

    Take my advice for what it's worth -- rock in all your subjects, not just math and physics. Even if you find English boring, do something to spice it up. If you have boring teachers or dull instructors in English, volunteer to do extra credit work, and go into more depth. Maybe even help to teach some of the classes or something. It's so true that English, grammar, composition, debating, giving persuasive speeches, etc., are extremely important skills for your future accomplishments in science and math. Now if you find history boring, well, yeah, it's okay to blow it off as long as you carry the grades...... :-)
  7. Jan 13, 2006 #6
    I've never gotten lower then a 96% in english, even while reading unrelated fiction books, and such. It's just that the class is SO EASY, as to allow me to work on unrelated material within my own free will.

    And besides, my spelling is impeccable, so don't diss me. >_>
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    Grammar needs a bit of work though, as does word choice. :biggrin:
  9. Jan 13, 2006 #8
    Meh, you should see more of the internet.

    Also, i'm typing this at 5 contrast during my marketing class, while the other kids finish up some worksheet(I'm done), so I can't exactly see what I'm typing that well, and can't accordingly fix the errors made.

    Oh, and this isn't exactly "Exam Paper" quality typing. It's informal, ya know?

    But still, for age 15, it works.
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    I'm only picking on you because you were bragging about your impeccable spelling and high grades in English. :biggrin:
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    Yeah, if that part in bold doesn't strike you as a bizarre choice of words you still have alot of work ahead of you. If your spelling is authentically impeccable, that's a good thing, though.
  12. Jan 13, 2006 #11
    I type what comes into my mind quickly, so things tend to coalesce into unusual phrases.

    For example, I was talking about Bush a few days ago, and I started mentioning how my friend thought that "George's Bush was a retard".


    Now, quit teasing me. =<
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  13. Jan 13, 2006 #12
    you're going to need those english skills when you hit the stage of writing physics reports. physics is confusing enough without having poor grammar (in the future, not saying you're incompetent just now :D).

    and, doesn't everyone love that eureka moment? the moment when, after many hours of study on a single topic/method/subject you read the line that makes everything click. open up the textbook and there it is. suddenly everything makes sense. and it's time for a break.

    I'm studying for exams. that happened earlier and i'm still on a high.
  14. Jan 13, 2006 #13
    Woah, another one from Arizona
    What school do you go to?

    By the way, I have never been that good at english for the reason that I can't write good essays on random topics. However, I usually do good on any science based research papers/essays and whatnot....
  15. Jan 30, 2006 #14
    Peoria, Arizona.

    Sunrise Mountain High School, specifically.
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