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I am starting a new course

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    the course is for high school upperclassmen, it is a design of experiments/ statistics class. i am a biologist with a math minor, so i need to brush up on my stats, specifically statistics with respect to testing, i am interested in anyone with any kind of advice for helping me to hit the ground running. i want to teach the design/stats in the first trimester, and have the second trimester dedicated to students designing and carrying out some reseach and presenting it. what kind of a course outline do you think i should have for the first trimester? thanks in advance
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    Biologos is an amazingly incredible Biology and Physiology teacher at my high school. Hopefully somebody out there knowledgeable or experienced with statistics can get this good man some pointers or advice for his new course. It's definitely going to be a blast!

    Hey there, Mr. Runkle!
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