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I and Mathematics

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    Hi all,

    I need help...

    This Is my circumstance..
    I am a senior in high school and I not your best math student...but i am not bad at math I just feel i have not accomplished as much as i should have. Anyway i would like to study higher mathematics in and I am wondering if I should..

    This Where i am at in my studies.. a work on problems quite often and i mean not homework ..math that i havent done i school, I read alot of math history ( read: rainbow of math and such) i am working on a paper about counting and human logic, also i'm interested in algebra probability and logic ( for the little that i know). I believe mathematics is a entity that has to be found just as the (now) mystics of the physical universe.

    My problem is sometimes i doubt myself about having a researcher career in mathematics, because i feel i wouldnt be adding any to the field and secondly my parents are poor so i have to work and attend school, also because i have started to enjoy math at this late age and haven't any relative mathematical ancestry, you know math background.:frown:

    Please Answer this pertinent Question

    Should I study Mathematics, what are my chances in this field, if i shouldnt what would be a nice related field?

    I'm confused.

    thank you all

    Orson Adams
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    work hard, try your best, you can't go wrong
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    thanks for you reply ice109
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    None of your concerns will really preclude you from doing well at math. Take math classes at the university, and if you do well and enjoy them keep at it. Just keep in mind that at most universities there's a big difference between lower division math classes (which are geared primarily towards engineers and scientists) and upper division math classes (which are geared primarily towards mathematicians). If you decide later on in your undergrad career that math isn't really to your liking, then you'll be well prepared to switch to just about any scientific or techincal program.
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    About the financial problem, if your parents are poor, then you don't necessarily need to work while attending college. There is a variety of scholarships that are probably available to you. My best friend from college came from a poor family. In late high school he applied to every scholarship he could find. Ultimately, he ended up making a couple thousand dollars a semester just to go to school. You might want to look into this.
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    If you're interested in the history and philosophy of mathematics you could always study history and philosophy....

    What are your other interests?
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    Well to be frank I'm incredibily focused on problem solving, but math history and logic increases my appreciation for the science.

    I find computer science quite interesting, mustly because of the lateral thinking,
    thats it for now

    Thanks everyone for your ideas.
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