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I applied for master after 3years from graduation almost forgot phys

  1. May 25, 2013 #1

    After three years from graduation, I applied for master degree on Physics in strong University in Japan.
    After those three years I almost forgot all basics. Even the parts which I remember I have problems how to deal with its math.
    Not to mention that the program witch I graduated from was not that strong in first place.
    but its my dream to be strong physicist, so I am willing to do what ever it take to fill the gap in the level.
    I need some advice.
    in this particular time I am studying as a research student, taking an undergraduate course in statistical physics and master course in computational physics, and I have to prepare seminar every weak from landau book in mechanics.
    The first two give me really hard time because the lectures is in Japanese and I really can't fully understand what the professor says. And since what he is teaching is his original work you will not find what he said in any book. I tried all I can do to get over this courses and do the homework's but it seems impossible since I cant find my way. And I am still new student so I could not make friend and have a study group until now.
    on top of that the entrance examination for the master program is held in August and I cant find enough time to study for it , because the whole time is wasted fighting with the courses I am taking.

    What should I do.
    I do not want to give up my dream.
    I hope I could find a study group in the internet.
    Or could I find a tutor online.
    Or how could I make it by myself.
    I really need an advice.

    sorry for the long story and my bad English.
    I really appreciate your time,
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