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I bealive that many here wear eyeglasses, but c'mon

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    Yes, Colors blueish background, and just a little bit darker text (font), if you don't know how, i'll help about this, or we'll all lose vision (+ long reading at night) + there's many free styles and themes for vBulletin (or if you are registered on their site) ...

    Sory for spel 'stakes :) me in hurry...
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    Well, I thought about something simpler, like increasing the contrast between background and text, for health reasons (I haven’t saw a newspapers printed in gray on white background - for reason :smile:)…

    BTW about those themes and personalizing the forum, I agree, that could be only a good thing…. for Monique I’ll be happy to send you one flower them for vbulletin if I mange to find it on the h disk (it’s been a while since we transferred from vbulletin to a PHPBB)…

    p.s. you should put more posts in one page (in admin settings) it’s more
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    We don't have any layout or visual changes planned before we update to the new version.
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    To you girls trying to "redectorate", it could be worse. We could always go spartan...

    I'm picturing a grey background with just black and white. Perhaps you could have a machine gun for the thread icon, or a missle or bomb or maybe even just pics of the latest playboy bunnies. Now THAT would draw a crowd.
  7. Dec 24, 2003 #6
    "girls", well it's girl, but no harm done

    white background, black text -> Maybe I don’t write to clear but that’s what I’m talking about it this thread (Spartan themes, they’re very readable, and ok).

    OK, Greg... When's the update to the new version ?
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