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I believe universe was created by God

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    Materialism can no longer claim to be a scientific philosophy.
    Arthur Koestler, the renowned Social Philosopher
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    His arguments don't hold. He says because our universe has a beginning (the big bang) that therefore it can't exist in infinite time, which apparently according to him is required of materialism. The problem is the big bang doesn't need to be thought of as the beginning of the universe. It is the beginning of our four dimensional space time, not of all of existence. Also from our human perspective we say beginning as if it came first, but many think all points in time are equally first, we only observe the universe unfolding in one direction relative to our design.

    His only other argument was that the precise characteristics our universe has are too improbable to have come about reasonably and without intentional design. Again, this isn't true. First of all our existence guarantees the universe is right for life, it couldn't be otherwise or we wouldn't be here to ask. What if there were an infinite number of space time bubbles in our universe each with different characteristics, a low percentage of which were just right for life? This is the popular multiverse theory. There are other scenarios where the improbable characteristics of our universe would inevitable and eventually come about without design as well.

    Existence does not imply creation. Besides, if someone insists that it does.. who then created God? And if you have an answer for why God doesn’t need a creator I guarantee you could equally apply it to why the universe doesn’t need a creator either.
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