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I bought a Palm m130!

  1. Aug 18, 2005 #1
    I bought a Palm m130 from my friend. It costed only 100 Hong Kong dollars.
    This palm m130 originally I sold to my friend, then now I got it back from my friend.
    Finally I have a palm. But this is only a temporary palm.

    Palm m130:
    CPU: Dragonball VZ 33 Mhz
    OS: PalmOS 4.1
    Ram: 8MB
    ROM: 4MB
    Display: STN,160*160,58000 colors
    Expand: SD/MMC expansion, infra port

    That is fun. I like to play games in palm, such as the Zap!2016, and I like to view pictures and watch movies in my palm, and write papers on my palm...
    That's how great fun is...
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