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I bought an multimeter (I always called them ohmmeters) at Walmart

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    Is it sensitive enough to read brainwaves and how far do I have to push these probes into my head?
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    Red up the right nostril full length, and black up the left.
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    Yes, it should work. But first you need brainwaves, sorry you walked into that one!
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    and I was gonna suggest the other end....
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    why did I ever leave this place? Can't you just feel the love?
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    Yeah, its that pain in your....
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    Tribdog desvers to know that he can now sleep without worring about TKC.
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    I'm not sure. But I can tell you most definitely that you should never, ever connect a couple EEG pads to your forehead, and connect a 9V battery between the pad leads. Don't ask me how I know that. :yuck:
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