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I can create and destroy energy

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    Well since I can create and destroy energy. HAHA jk.

    Ok thinking way back, in Gr. 11, I asked a question nobody would answer. Which is bothering me now. We were doing closed circuit electricity, from a battery and well since they were wrong obviously about the protons moving, it was the electrons. I asked "So electrons potential energy is converted to the energy for the light?" The answer I got was, "No, no electrons are consumed at all, they are rather the transportation devices for energy."

    The question I never got the answer to was. "So if electrons mass nor kinetic energy is being consumed in the circuit. What exactly is being consumed?"

    Which I'm wondering, is energy a particle or a wave?

    What exactly?
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    The electron's potential energy is being consumed. An electron moving through a 1 V potential difference gains 1 eV of energy.

    - Warren
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    It is not so much that something is consumed. Rather, chemical energy is transformed into electrical energy (battery), which in turn is transformed into heat and light (lamp).

    If you look at the universe a certain way, it might seem to be all a big mess of various forms of energies transforming into others.
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