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I can do maths and chemistry but not physics

  1. May 3, 2005 #1
    I don't know what to do :frown:

    I used to be able to do physics. I want to do it for a living. yet i just cant seem to do it any more :cry:

    I can do maths and chemistry but physics seems to be beyond me :cry: :cry:

    All the formulas just slip out of my head whenever i try to recall them.

    Waht do i d000000000000000000000 :cry: :cry: :cry:

    I have exams in about a month!

    *commits harikiri* (sp?)
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  3. May 3, 2005 #2
    Come on, you have plenty of time. The exams are only in a month, so try to understand every formula needed. Start with one that you think is important, if you do not understand why it is the way it is, just ask here on physicsforums (in general physics) and you will get lots of feedback. Then based on your understanding of the initial feedback keep asking for aditional feedback until you understand.
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    Exactly what gerben said, you have plenty of time to revise and I know that you've been revising hard anyway.
    You really will do fine in your exams and you started revising at the right time.
    Please don't worry about this too much, you really will do well, just keep revising them
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