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I can grow stuff

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    Well i am sure i have turned into a percy thrower :approve: I pruned this
    stragly old rose bush all most to the ground two months ago, and now it
    has new branches three foot long with flowers sprouting every where, :surprised and this other tree like thing i did not like, so i cut right down to a
    stump, has two foot long branches growing from it, i am still not sure if it is a
    weed or not, but that does not matter as it proves i have a new found magic
    touch when it comes to plant type things, the only snag is the known weeds, i only have to look at them and they grow like triffids, how can i tune my new skill ?
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    You could always just pretend that everything that you WANT to grow is a weed. Try planting a vegetable garden. You'll soon have twelve foot tomato plants. Just don't tell them that they are really tomatos..

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    You have found the magic of pruning. Most trees, bushes, etc... respond just like this to pruning. I know my Mom always cuts her rose bushes back hard every year and they come back better than before.

    If you ever have a tree or bush that is looking leggy, a good pruning reinvigorates it. If you stay on top of it, you will, over time, decrease the internodes (spacing between leaves) and the plant will look "bushier" and encourage even more new growth.

    It goes without saying that the Japanese have mastered this in their trees, both full sized and in my hobby, bonsai. It is interesting if you have a green thumb.
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