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I can help

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    I can help if anyone has problems with computer viruses. I once worked at a Microsoft Call center for this sort of thing.
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    my computer is generating alot of error messages lately. it even tries to send a report over the internet on each account. the error is related to a program called windows xp sp2. i cant seem to find anything the the add/remove list for windows xp sp2? how can uninstall that program?
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    That is Windows XP Service Pack Two. But I am not sure that that is where the error is originating. Sometimes the error message is really a lie from a bug or virus.

    Does it kick in whenever you logon to your computer?

    The first thing I would do is make sure nothing is launched when you boot up. To do that, do this:

    1. Click on the Start Button

    2. Click on the Run menu option

    3. In the run box, type:

    4. Click on GO

    5. On the top right of the window that comes up, click on the Start-Up Tab

    6. For Windows XP users, click on Disable All. For Others, uncheck all the check boxes manually.

    7. Click on the Apply button.

    8. For windows XP, click on Close, for others click on OK

    9. Click to restart the computer.

    10. After your computer restarts, you will see a pop up window telling you that you have used the Microsoft Configuration Utility to start your computer. Click on the check box there for the option of not showing this message again and click OK.


    If that does not work, here is what I suggest you do. Do a System Restore. Click on your Start button then go to Accessories. Then go to System Tools. Then click on System Restore. Try to remember when the last time your computer was running ok and pick that date to restore your system to.
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    i've disabled the startups like you said.

    One program still appears each time i startup.


    is this safe?
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    I do not think so.

    I think you should go to my web site and download all the free antivirus and anti spyware and anti ad-ware programs I have listed. They are free. [link deleted by staff...no advertising]

    I think you should also try uninstalling rsvp if you can.
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    it is found in c:\windows\system32\rsvp.exe

    fileversion: 5.1.2600.0 (xpclient.010817-1148)
    Decription: Microsoft RSVP
    Copyright: © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    sure, i will assist wherever i can.
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