I can not open my hotmail account in my pc

  1. This is the fourth day try to find a solution without any succsess. I am running windows XP Service park2 In HP compaq P4 2.8 GHZ 256mb of RAM. The thing is when I Login in my hotmail account after put my Password and username all i get is a blank page with the Massage DONE in the taskbar. Its really annoying because when i try to open this account in other computer it works fine. I have tried to change my account, delate all temporary internet file, Change my security settings and it still doest work!!! Its strange to me because anything else works fine in this pc and I can even open Yahoo account without any problems!! Any Idea I will really appreciate, Please Get me out of this mess. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
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    Thanks dduardo for your quick responce! Its true that I am using IE and your advice of using Mozzila was the perfect one for hotmail account. I am proud of you and iI appologize for my late responce! Thanks Again!! :smile:
  5. more related: Have you got an dial-up?
  6. What u mean by dial-up Dilbert?
  7. well, i had some problems on one of my computers to log in on Hotmail in IExplorer when i had a dial-up, with the Broadband it all worked.
    It loaded everything, but then it did not show the page anyway. It worked the first time i opened the page, but whenever i wanted to open it a second time it failed.

    So, have you got a dial-up modem?
  8. The answer is no! I am not using dial-up Modem. I am using DSL/Cable Gateway. In case of your problem i guess modem is not an issue. Try to use Mozzila may be it will fix the problem. There is a lot of difficulties using IE

  9. My sister had the same problem a few weeks ago. Installed firefox, and now it works fine :smile:
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    Everything works better with the fox.

    Now where have I heard that before?
  11. not everything. But more than enough to make it worth your while.
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    Yeah everything but ActiveX.
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