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I can not see CD ROM drive

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    hi everyone ....i stopped sharing in this amazing forum for long time because of i was so busy in my work >>> but i always come back when i need it . , and i hope you can help me .

    my problem now that i can not see the CD ROM icon when i open My Computer screen

    it is not found , and when i enter a CD there is no effect .

    by the way , it is a LAPTOP , not a disktop >

    also i believe there is no hardware problem with the CD Rom as there is no thing new( damage or crash ) happen to it , also it open and close normally and flassing also .

    please can any body tel me the causes and solution of such a problem .

    thank u so much .
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    Check in the Hardware section and see if the CD drive is listed, and if it is, test it. If there is a problem, the diagnostic test might see it. There is a possibility that your driver is corrupted, too. If you can "see" the drive in the hardware list, take note of the make and model and download and install the most current driver for that drive. Check back if these don't help.
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    During bootup does the BIOS recognize as there being a drive present, or is it only Windows that isn't recognizing it?
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    actually yep .... it is recognized in bios screen , also in the device manager in windows . but there is this yellow ! mark on it ( undifined ) , and when i try to make update drive ... answer is that this is bset defension .
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    Get your driver file ready where you can point to it easily. Uninstall the drive from the system (not physically), then reboot. Windows should find "new hardware" and it will ask if you want it to search for a driver or let you install one from a specific location. Choose to install from the folder where you put the new driver file. If you had a corrupted driver file, that should cure the problem.
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    Go to the manufacturer of your laptop website and try updating your chipset drivers.
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    Did you by chance uninstall any CD burning software? I've seen cd/dvd drives "disappear" after uninstalling Roxio ...
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