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1- The noise level coming from a pig pen with 213 pigs is 78.1 dB. Assuming each of the remaining pigs squeal at their original level after 77 of their companions have been removed, what is the decibel level of the remaining pigs? Units dB

2- The intensity level of an orchestra is 87 dB. A single violin achieves a level of 62 dB. How does the intensity of the sound of the full orchestra compare with that of the violin’s sound? Find the ratio

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You know the noise level and the total intensity. How can you, using the information you have, solve what intensity one of the 213 pigs has?

Hint: Use the definition of decibel.
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Ardahl O`Hanlan wrote a book and remembered listening to Radio Luxembourg for the Pop music . He said the reception was so bad it sounded like they were --- Deep frying a herd of live pigs.