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I cann't undestand Quantum Algorithms. How I can?

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    I cann't understand Quantum Algorithms. How I can?

    I have my probabilistic computer's model of Qubits, Entanglement States and Bi-Photons. I have the Simulator of Qubits on classical computer in Pascal. It is classical model and Bell's inequalities does not violet. But it is a good imitation (simulation) of real microobjects. In other words I have the probabilistic analog of qubits. But I cann't use my simulator for quantums algoriths because I don't understand quantum algorithms. Can you describe me in two words where is I can find the concrete simplest task with quantum algorithms employment? In other words I cann't undestand the task. I understand quantum CNOT and classical operation only. But I cann't to unit or connect its in sequence of operations. I cann't to employ my probabilistic model. Thanks for help.
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    Preskill (If I spelled the name correctly) has been teaching quantum computation at Caltech for many years. He had some material on the web that you might be able to find.
    Peter Shor has invented an algorithm (Shor's algorithm) that can be used to factor numbers. I think some people have suceeded building a quantum computer that can factor the number 15. This is not impresive but it is a good start. Building quantum computers is very difficult. Eventually, quantum computers could be used to factor very large numbers that would take an unreasonable length of time to factor in a standard computer. (polynomial time vs. exponential time)
    There must be other possible future applications for quantum computers such as simmulation of quantum systems or other tasks that require massive parallel processing. (But I am not sure about this)
    If you do a search in google for "quantum computation" you should be able to find a lot of material from different universities around the world.
    Good luck Cartuz,
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    Thanks, Alex.
    I know about Shor's Algorithm. It is not simple as the first step for realization by my stochastic probabilistic computer. May be it is more simple as Grover's Algorithm. But I can’t find the description, which is suitable for write program. My situation is analog to situation when you are have the Quantum Computer but can’t use this. I can write program if I have the structure’s diagram. This description must be step by step. For example:
    1. Initialization.
    2. Quantum Operation CNOT (Controller not)
    3. Classical operation.
    and so on.
    Do you have recommendation the paper with the simplest description for my first step? Becase the Simulation of Entanglement states, Simulation of Bi-Photons and Simulation of Qubits I have on Pascal on my Computer. I was publish this simulator in Russian Journal. This simulation has only one difference from Quantum statistic. Bell's Inequalities does not violet.
    Because simulation is not interesting for me. I hope to realize Quantum Algorithm for practical demonstration of my idea.
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