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Homework Help: I can't do this question. Please help me

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    I can't do this question. Please help me:(

    In a given CRT, electrons are accelerated horizontally by 6.0kV . They then pass through a uniform electric field E for a distance of 3.1cm , which deflects them upward so they reach the screen top 19cm away, 13cm above the center.

    Estimate the value of E.
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    Re: I can't do this question. Please help me:(

    Have you tried drawing a diagram?

    Make it systematic, draw all the forces that act on the electron. When the force is acting on an electron, it's velocity vector is changed. How? Can you calculate from the given information the force acting on the electron while passing through the electric field? How is that force related to intensity?

    P.S. I thought that it was Magnetic field caused by coils with Lorentz force acting on the particles in a CRT.
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