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Homework Help: I cant figur this out

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    I cant figur this out!!!

    :surprised Now i got the answer to this problem but i am so confused at this one thing... how is it that the answer is 200 N of East and 600 N of west

    the question is

    A force vector F1 points due east with a magnitude of 200 newtons and a second force F2 is added to F1. The resultant of the two vectors has a magnitude of 400 newtons and points along the East and west line. Find the magnitude and direction of F2 note that there are 2 answers.

    My question is I know the answers 2oo east and 6oo west but why north of east or north of west.
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    Doc Al

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    I suspect that the N stands for Newtons, not north.
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    Thanks But......

    Actually in the answer book it tells me it is North.... I think it is weird though becuase of the fact that it has nothing about North.. in the question
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    The answer in your book must be wrong. You have an initial vector pointing along the east-west line. If you add to it a vector with any component at all in the north-south direction, the resultant cannot possibly be entirely along the east-west line. I suspect the Doc is absolutely right.
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    ..... I figured that... thanks!!!!! sooooo!! Much!!!!!
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    simply put, there is 200 going "right" and 600 going "left" add 200 + (-600) leads to a net of 400, and this 400 is along EW or as most would say x-axis..

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