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I can't find it

  1. Dec 14, 2005 #1
    I can't find it....

    Somewhere I have seen personality tests online, that are designed to see: how internally consistent your personal belief system is.

    My mother in law wants to take one of these tests. The ones I am thinking of, usually have questions about morality and ethics. For example, one questions may be something like:

    All life is sacred (yes/no)

    and then later in the test another question may be something like:

    The death penalty is justified in today's society (yes/no)

    .... and the idea is, that if you think all life is sacred, it would be consistent to think that there is little room for the death penalty.

    There are problems with the tests, but this thread isn't about that. I just can't even find them and my mother in law wants to see them. Have you seen such tests? Can you point me towards them?
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