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Homework Help: I cant get started

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    Just need some help getting started. What is it i need to use to get (a)

    A suspicious package is sliding on a frictionless surface when it explodes into three pieces of equal masses and with the velocities:
    (1) 7.0 m/s, north;
    (2) 4.0 m/s 30 degrees south of west;
    (3) 4.0 m/s 30 degrees south of east.

    (a)What is the velocity(both magnitude & direction) of the package before it explodes?
    (b) What is the displacement (both magnitude & direction) of the center of mass of the three-piece system (with respect to the point the explosion occurs) 3.0s after the explosion?
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    Doc Al

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    During the explosion, momentum is conserved. Find the total momentum of all the pieces after the explosion. (Remember that momentum is a vector.) That total momentum equals the momentum the original object had before it exploded.
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