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I can't get the hang of those graphs!

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    I have this maths assignment and the first part I can't do. I've been searching the net for help until I found this site so hopefully you smarties can help me.
    I was given a dispacement time graph and from it I have to find when velocity was greatest and create a velocity time graph from the displacement time graph. HOW?
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    Velocity is the change in position over time.

    What component of a position/time graph could you extract that from?
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    Since you posted this under "calculus", I presume you know that velocity is the derivative of the position function. You should also know that the derivative is the slope of the tangent line.

    Okay- greatest velocity means greatest derivative means steepest tangent line.
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    I found out how to do it today when I discussed it with a friend. I was just looking for a more complicated answer then what the answer actually was. I thought there was some weird way I hadn't learnt yet to find the answer like a different process that makes the answer more exact but I was wrong. I always do that and then realise that the answer was simple all along. I'm crazy. But your info still helped me so thanks a lot you guys and sorry to bother you.
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