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I can't put a 5mw laser pointer on my sharks?

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    When did being an evil doctor become illegal?
    I just got a reply from Dealextreme that told me my green 150mw laser order was canceled because they can't ship anything more powerful then 5 mw to the united states???
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    Anything other than class I is now a real pain to import into the US.
    It was introduced as an anti-terrorism law (so don't go questioning it!) apparently although the US/UK/Russia spend billions on laser weapons and so far the only thing they have injured is somebodies back trying to lift one, a terrorist can shine a 5mW laser at a plane and instantly blind the pilot.

    I think there is an exemption if you are planning to mount the laser on an aassault rifle - but sharks aren't covered by the second ammendment.

    You are allowed to own one if you intend to deliberately shine it at pilots - https://www.greatlandlaser.com/index.php
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