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I can't see the light

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    I can't see the light!!!

    Hi guys I am a year 1 physics student and i just started my 2nd semester. Well things are getting pretty tough now but a the same time getting more interesting :biggrin: I have decided to major in applied physics since I don't think I will become a professor if I go in theoretical physics. I am gonna minor in math but I have no idea what elective I should choose to enhance my future job prospect. If I were to study applied physics, what exactly can i do after i graduate? Hope you guys can give me some advice. o:)
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    Re: I can't see the light!!!

    The American Physical Society has an area of its websites for students (or perspective students) about such things... it's a good place to start:
    http://www.aps.org/careers/student/index.cfm" [Broken]

    While I myself am now teach at the college level, before this I taught high school and was a research engineer for the US Air Force (developing laser systems for sensing applications).
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