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I Can't Take it Anymore -- I love to learn, yet I don't like school

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    Hello all. I appreciate all of the responses. An update:

    There is a private college perpetratory school around 30 minutes from me. It is pretty far, but it offers so much. It places students in classes they are ready for. For example, if you are ready for it, you can take calculus in freshman year (With the required prerequisites). It also has a great physics program, and you can take a calculus-based physics course which goes into kinematics, electricity and magnetism, some nuclear physics, and some spacetime physics (My school's calculus based physics course only goes to electricity and magnetism, and I understand spacetime and nuclear physics requires some higher math than calculus and that info on those topics will be limited, but my school doesn't even acknowledge that modern physics exists). Incredible!
    However, the cost is around $22,000 a year, and the average financial aid is only around $10,000. My mother says I can't go there, as my family makes enough money as to not be granted financial aid, which the full tuition is too much. I find that weird, as if we weren't in need of financial aid, I would think that my parents would let me go. I think we are eligible for financial aid. But it might still be too much.

    I don't know what to do. I really don't like my school. My list of grievances for my school is probably the same size as the one in the Declaration of Independence. What I wrote barely scratches the surface, trust me.

    Also, in response to Dale, I and other students already know about the importance of the scientific method, its steps, etc. I even know its history, which isn't something they teach in school. I would like it if school science classes moved on to more interesting subjects. And, when I said I don't like writing to specific instructions, I was tslking about when I write down my thoughts, when I write stories, or when I write an analysis of a piece of literature. I'll be fine if I have to do it on scientific papers, as those are objective. If I write a book on science, however, I would hate it if I have to write in a specific manner.

    I know this isn't the best place for advice, but I can't talk to my counselor at the moment (Fall Break), and I love physics and math, so here I am :p

    Sorry for any typos or grammatical errors, it's 10:30 P.M.
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    What you can really easily do now is to take part in discussions here, or try to help others in the homework. You will be surprised how much you will learn.
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    i am an Egyption student that hate school and my country education system is fully worse than yours it depends on memorizing more than understanding
    it is boring too
    i am very bad at it because i learn things i hate like Arabic knowing the the Arabian grammar is fully deiffrent from the English grammar
    i find it much much better if it was self studying because i do what i want
    my advice to someone like me and this advice i am trying to work on it just follow the system
    i know it is hard very hard maybe but that's all what i can do
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