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I Can't understand this problem

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    Hi guys i have a problem but i dont know how to start solving this
    can you help?

    We have three events:

    A={The midday temperature in Hirakleio is 25C}
    B={The midday temperature in Athens is 25C}
    C={The maximum of the two midday temperatures in Hirakleio and Athens is 25[degrees]C}

    Find the probability that the minimum temperature between the two midday temperatures is 25C
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    Duh! seems like a pointless question unless they are defining C as AUB and D as AintersectionB where D is the required event.

    In which case the simple Addition Principle does the job.

    -- AI
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    so you say that :
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    No, he DIDN'T say that! That would, in any situation at all, result in negative probabilities!
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