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I closed on my house today!

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    After much pain with LendingTree (more on that horror later), the closing went through without too much trouble (except that it took twice as long as it should have and the money didn't clear until later in the afternoon). So now I'm a homeowner!

    I'll be moving the small stuff in for the next two days and spending far too much money on little crap like soap dispensers and bathmats. Big stuff goes in on Saturday and that's when I'll start sleeping there.

    The place is another 20 minutes further from work, which will suck, but it has some of the best stargazing skies in Southeastern PA and is still only an hour from Philly. I'll probably pier-mount my telescope on my deck (I have a deck!) and the backyard (I have a backyard!) is pitch-black.
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    Sounds like my backyard. Pitch-black and I'm sure you'll love it with your telescope.
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    Yes, it's amazing how much you can spend setting up a new home, but it's all fun, at least in the beginning. :biggrin: And the best part now...it's YOURS! *raises a virtual beer in a toast* (I'd toast with a real beer, but it's late and I need to get up early tomorrow.)
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    Congrats on your new house! Hope you have many happy years there!
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    Congrats on the house Russ!!!!!!!!!1111111111111
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Congrats Russ!

    Now, mow that yard!!! :biggrin:
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    Kudos, Russ.
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