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I didn't see that one coming

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    I assume this pic was NOT taken right after you saw the original prices? It looks as if you left the items in the cart for awhile, thus the price change.
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    I'm afraid not. I checked the price two ago and it was at $70.

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    Did you at least add gift wrapping and a note? Thats highway robbery!
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    Why do you think the price increased?
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    Inflation for sure ! ;-)
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    Bezos wants to buy a new house or something, so he's jacking the price up for a while...No, he's actually a pretty cool guy from what I've seen in interviews.
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    Inflation doesn't increase a price from 70$ to 220$
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    Math Is Hard

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    I'm so glad I found the textbook for my next class at the library today! Saved me $110.
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    Did you happen to find it during an amazing sale of some sort? Otherwise, I wonder why it jumped so much in price so quickly. Did books on evolution suddenly become collector's items? :bugeye:
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    I found mine last semester. Everything went fine during the semester but just few days before the exam someone else requested it :grumpy:
    I just got screwed with my timings near the semester end. I wanted to drop the book 20 days before the exam and then borrow it again within an hour for next 20 days but I just slacked off

    I am learning the borrowing tactics - knowing when to return, request, and renew books.
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    Math Is Hard

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    This is my first time borrowing a textbook from the school library. It's only a 6-week class and I'm supposedly able to renew the book on the library website in two weeks when it comes due. Hope it works.
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    Evolution at work Moridin.

    God says the price of the bible is $29.99. The price has be transcribed for thousands of years and has never changed. That should tell you a little sometin-sometin.

    Now, of course you could also go the middle eastern route and haggle down the price on your torah/koran.

    Q:God, how much for this book?
    A: $29.99
    Q: Ok, how about $20?
    A: How about I send you to hell?
    Q: OK, FINE, $25.
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    my Taiwanese friend got me 150$ new book for 30$ from Taiwan but the shipping costs were like $30.
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    Is the book the international toilet-paper version though?
  18. Jun 18, 2008 #17
    did you want that specific version? I may be able to find that for you, cyrus
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    There are international copies of books that come with this extra cheap paper back. The paper is almost as bad as toilet paper. If you hold it to the light you can see right through it and read the letters on the other side. Did he get this version, or was it the good hard-cover USA version?
  20. Jun 18, 2008 #19
    Yea, I know. I read somewhere in news that students buy books from India for very cheap prices but the paper quality is awfully poor.

    But, mine one was really good. Exactly same as hard-cover Canadian version.
  21. Jun 18, 2008 #20
    Even for $30 bucks, the bangladesh version is a rip off because its so utterly useless. I cant imagine them lasting more than a year before falling appart and tearing.
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