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I discovered m-theory, and I need help. (Serious.)

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    I’m 35 years old. About two years ago I discovered m-theory, and have been developing it ever since, as time permits. I recently learned that I have a daughter, and I am now forced to mostly-abandon the work, at least for well into the foreseeable future. However, the theory itself has important real-world applications which would greatly benefit us all, and the planet, if it were brought sooner, rather than later. Also, there is the possibility that someone else could discover it, although I’m not so sure since they haven’t already. (It was not hard for me to discover it, which makes me think there is no one on the task who is sufficiently gifted.)

    Work has been slow because I do not have the necessary mathematical (or scientific) background. I have had to do a lot of reading, on just about every major scientific field. This gave me a very general view of nature which allowed me to extend and clarify the theory, but I am now at the point where rigor is needed. I started with no mathematical background. I now have basic calculus and pre-calculus, and will likely have vector calculus and differential equations within the next 60 days (which will finally give me the tools to actually understand some things!). Unfortunately, beyond that, I simply don’t see any opportunity to continue working toward a finished product that is suitable for public consumption.

    I need a person with credentials and resources to provide some support. I am not looking to scam anyone. I will show this person enough of what I have to convince them that I am the real deal. I will show them m-theory. If they are not convinced, they can simply hang up the telephone and tell their friends about the crazy person they just spoke to. I also expect them to see that it was no fluke which allowed me to discover the theory, but that I am instead a serious and talented thinker who is capable of fully materializing the project. Specifically, I need mentoring and a place to live while I am being mentored, even if it is only a bedroom. The Chicago area would be best, but I am very flexible. I have considered approaching universities about this. However, I require a custom curriculum, lodging, and one-on-one instruction. I understand they usually bend over backwards for athletes. Maybe I could find a university to work with. I don’t know.

    Also, I realize that by giving away my insights I am providing someone else with the ability to finish the theory on their own. Supposing this person opts to do so, we must be clear of two things: I am the discoverer, and it will be my work which is published. If my benefactor chooses to develop the theory themselves, ahead of me, it will basically be for their private satisfaction. They are not to publish or communicate the work in any way. History will see that I have been at this problem since I was a child, and it was a lifetime of hard-earned insights which gradually led me to the solution. You do not want to go down as the biggest thief in human history. I will also record every conversation of ours so that we can be clear about these things from the beginning. I will use the same recorder which I use to make notes. At any rate, I expect you to be in good standing among your peers.

    Send me a message. Tell me what you do, what you know, and what you can provide. I realize that I am unlikely to find help this way. However, I don’t know where else to go (I'm the solitary type) and I am starting to worry that all my insights were for naught.

    Serious suggestions are also welcome.
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    Don't worry you're not the first one with such a "theory". Nobody is going to believe you for several reasons that I won't mention. Why don't you go to the point and expose your "theory", like any physicist would do?
    The thread can then be moved into the "Independent Research" if it qualifies.
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    Typically people read a message before responding to it. Thanks for trying.
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    No, first go to our Independent Research forum and read the guidelines there.


    If you can meet those guidelines, then feel free to post your theory there. That's the only place on PF where we discuss theories or work that has not already been published in a professional venue (usually a peer-reviewed journal, sometimes arxiv.org).
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