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In fact i have sent papers to several webpages but i did not receive an answer...only one time saying.."we have read your job and when we decide publishing or not we will send you a mail"..well it was a month ago and i have not got and answer..other times i have sned letters to universities and the same thing happened ..i did not get any answer..¿do you still think there is not snobism in maths and physics?..in fact the only thing i wanted is that they took a time to read my jobs and decide if they were right or not..nothing else it seems they were to busy as to answer me (after waiting months on end).

I do not imagine what are waiting for if they only want some genious with an important name to solve all they problems but i do not see they encourage young people with their ideas..i only see they have some special circle of snobs and do not want someone else....it is a bad thing to have these prejudges i think a real scientist should take care in watching other,s work and at least to tell them if it is right or not..i presume people who sent my jobs did not even take a look at them....what arrogant are they¡

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I assume when you say "I disagree with you" you are referring to me although since you chose to open an entirely new subject it's difficult to tell.

Apparently, then, by "snob" YOU mean someone who is not willing to do what you want him to do.

If you send an unsolicited letter to someone you don't know, you are imposing upon his time and it is perfectly reasonable for him to choose not to spend any more time on it than is required to read it and decide not to respond.

As far as sending a paper to "webpages" is concerned, I can't imagine why anyone who felt they had an important contribution to mathematics would do so. If it's worth working on, send it to a real journal.

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