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I do not want to know you

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    When could you say those words to a long time friend, if he/she were found to be a murderer, terrorist, child molester, when can a friend no longer
    be part of your life ?
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    I've broken off friendships with people that turned out to be people I didn't care to associate with.
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    I suppose if a long time friend came to me and confessed such deeds, I would be troubled. If that person indicated that he or she was inclinded to continue, I would have to consider going to the authorities, but I would encourage my friend to that him- or herself.

    There is a reason a person is a friend - usually some affinity.

    Would I ever give up a friendship - I don't think so. I might grow apart, but I don't think I would stop caring for that person.

    I have lost contact with friends over the years, but I still keep in touch with my closest friends, the oldest I've known since 1968.

    I would like to find some older friends from my earliest years, but they live far away.
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    Well, it depends on if I'm a female in a drama. I would probably say it all the time.
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    When you are no longer available.
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    hahaha. I am sorry, I'm obviously visiting a wrong one, eh? What a crazy question. To me, friendship only keeps you alive for too long. I have lost my best friend (a friend of more than 10 years) but I kept my head up, and said: "There are only two circles. An inner one, and an outter one". Inner friends are my most noble alliance and my enemies. Outter friends are always my enemies, but sometimes they become my inner friends. Women, look at life in a more reproductive aspect.
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