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I don't do it on purpose

  1. Apr 26, 2004 #1
    Seems like I only have to be here about five minutes before every topic on the screen says Last Post by tribdog. Then I sit and stare at the screen for about 20 minutes before I remember to hit refresh then I can go and change all the ones that have been replied to.
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    I was up all night smoking a pipe. Ever smoke pipes or cigars? Once in a while I get into it. I have this extremely tasty pipe tobacco from a Persian store.
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    Heh, you can always tell when someone first connects after being off for a while. You'll see a rash of postings by that person. I do the same thing.

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    You should try it. It wards off mountain lions.
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    you the official PF tweaker?
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    Now, try and tell me you didn't say THAT on purpose!
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    jimmy p

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    What is a tweaker?? I tend to look at all the threads in the USER CP and then i move on to general discussion and add my two cents.
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