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I don't have a glue

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    Ahem..... no pun intended. :tongue2:

    Actually, I need an adhesive to affix a snippet of myocardial tissue to some polyethylene tubing. Any ideas?
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    jim mcnamara

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    Have you tried cyanoacrylate (sometimes branded as super glue)?
    Some are meant for "medical" applications and bind to tissue very readily.

    e.g., Ethicon's Dermabond
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    I'd also first consider the cyanoacrylates. In addition to the one-part adhesives that require some drying time, they're also available as two-part adhesives, so you can get nearly instant bonding as soon as you mix the two components. It'll work for tissue, I'm not sure if it will work as well on the PE tubing. That stuff is notoriously "slippery."
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    I'll run the dermabond/cyanoacrylate idea by my superiors... will it change the mechanical properties of the tissue?
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    jim mcnamara

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    Yes - at the point of attachment, but if you meant will it propagate thru the tissue, I have no idea. Since it's used on humans where progagating new properties into surrounding tissue is a no-no, I'm guessing it will not.

    You need to hit the company literature....
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    HOw about that stuff they sell for treating cuts? Some call it liquid bandage, or "Newskin".
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    I'm with MoonBear on the PE tubing.
    Nothing I know of really sticks to it.
    Could be you would be better off plugging a short bit of glass into the tubing and fixing the sample to that.
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    Well, my lab is going to order some and find out. Best way to find out I suppose. It should work, judging from the fact that super glue is also a cyanoacrylate glue. I found out that the liquid skins used in hospitals are just molecularly heavier versions of super glue. I'll let you all in on the results once we try it out.
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