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I dont know what to do!

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    My problem is that i m totally lost, because i m good at math and physics, and i also love doing math and physics, and i cant really decide for a major that will give me both the happiness of doing what i like and a good payment. Can any of you give me some advice and tell me about majors related to this sciences( my english is not the best one, i have been living here for only 1 year). I really like astrophysics.....
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    You need to provide more information about your current education level before others here can help you better. Econophysics is a little risky at the moment, so don't set your sights on it.

    Have you considered the various engineering fields?
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    Do your major in the field you love the most. If you cannot decide yourself about which you love the most, I suggest you to major in Physics since it always goes with maths. While mathematics has very few (or maybe not?) physics in it.
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    Sorry to disagree if I may. Majoring in physics just because you can't decide which physics-related major to specialise in is in my opinion a bad idea. Only go into physics if you love it and cannot stand doing anything apart from it.

    EDIT: Just wanted to add: If you don't know where your passion lies and what you should do, you should always try to find out more. Ask around what majors are offered at colleges you plan to attend and have a reasonable chance of getting into, and of course the job prospects. Don't go into a field just because it resembles what you enjoy doing.
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    Yes i have considered some engineering, that is what i have been thinking of doing.

    and about my grade right now, i m a freshman in college, i m 18 years old.
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    You only need to really decide at the end of your second or third year so you still have time to make up your mind.
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    What's wrong with astrophysics? That combines the physics and math, and while it won't make you rich (probably nothing in physics will), you do get to do a lot of traveling (at least I do) and you've got job satisfaction - you want to love what you're doing. But yes, go ahead and major in physics, and spend your summers doing internships - get a feel for what research in physics is like, and what fields you might be interested in. You don't have to specialize before grad school.
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