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Complaint I don't know.

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    I don't know how to delete my account. I mean I should and never come back, for it seems that every mod here hates me, I get infractions without warning every other day, and every other thread I make is locked, in addition to those embarrassments NO mod will listen to me when I try to appeal for those infraction... not a single one, so as a plea; I cry... please tell me how to delete my account, or do it for me. Because the mods here are quite rude, now, watch this thread become locked by the mod who dislikes me the most... Or even better, watch me get an infraction for 2 points, thus providing me with a ban.
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    You can send a PM to an admin (list).

    I don't think this is true.

    Threads get locked or deleted if they are against the forum rules, or locked if they are finished (like your previous thread in this forum).
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    If you check all the threads that you created, then there are not many that got locked.

    You are currently learning mathematics. I think that PF could be very useful to you to help you learn. I think you should stay and not lose access to this resource.

    But you should know that we don't like misinformation here. You don't give out misinformation on purpose of course, you try to help other people. But if you're new to something yourself, then it is very easy to give advice to people that you yourself are unaware that is wrong. This is something that the mentors don't like.
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    I am sorry mfb, this is just an empirical generalization, for the run ins I had with a mod, one who I do not wish to say any names, for they will get offend and lock this thread. But with out a doubt, this is the worst experience I have had here, I have amassed a total 2 infraction in the course of 3 days, that must be a new record. But to be honest, it feels like I am being picked on by the mods. So, if I can have my account deleted as soon as possible it would be fine. PF could go about its day and I won't be thought of.

    Indeed, this is a good resource, probably the best for how quick the responses are. Alas, I do not misinform intentionally, I do not dis-inform, although I am not a complete novice I think I know enough to at least struggle along. I understand, and that is why accept those two recent infractions but the previous 3 point one is uncalled for. I mean I am on the road of becoming completely banned so why not delete the account and find another place, one which seems a little more liberal
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    You have gotten two infractions in three days. That is not fun, I know. But the intention never was to "pick" on you. What I wanted to do is to make something clear to you. We warned you before, but you didn't seem to listen. So what else could we do?

    You now have the option of
    1) Leaving this forum forever and losing access to this resource which could help you learn.
    2) Try to understand why I gave you an infraction and change your posts accordingly.

    You are not being picked on. We don't hate you. We don't want to see you banned. We just want you to change your posting habits a bit. If you are going to choose (1), then go ahead, we can't stop you. But it would be a shame.
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    I do understand why you and integral gave me those infraction, but I don't understand why I got the three point one, I tried to appeal for that one; I guess it doesn't matter now, I am on the fast track to ban-ville.
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    But that three pointer was 5 months ago. Anyway, you could PM a mentor if you don't understand or if you want to challenge the infraction. And it doesn't necessarily need to be the mentor who gave you the infraction.

    You are not on the fast track to ban-ville. All we want you to do is to change your posting habits a little bit. That's it. If you do that, then you won't be banned.
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    :'( I just want my account to be deleted.
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    Some advise, in the technical forums:
    Do not post "chat like" comments. Our technical forums are NOT chat rooms.
    Ensure that your posts add value to the conversation.
    If you are not very sure of your knowledge do not post.

    Much can be learned by following a thread without making a comment, we simply do not post for the sake of posting.

    My general recommendation for you is to read more and post less.

    We do not delete accounts, if you do not want to participate, do not log on.
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    Tenshou, you may continue this discussion with me personally via PM.
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