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I don't think I ever said thank you

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    I was playing in the front yard with my daughter one day and a car pulled up, grabbed my 2 year old and took off. The kidnappers were my in-laws, so its not quite as bad as it seems. I wasn't named on my daughter's birth certificate, so my only LEGAL course of action is to go through the courts to get my daughter back. I haven't seen her since October 6, 2002. I go to court to get her back on October 6, 2003. 9 days from now. If any of you know God, put in a good word for me, please.
    A few months ago I came and asked a bunch of questions about DNA testing. You all came through like troopers. Thanks for all the info.

    PS 99.861% probablility that she's mine.

    PSS Pioneer 10; launched in 72; 8 billion miles away, out of power, slowing down as if the pull from the sun is getting stronger the further away it gets? Discover Oct 2003 I sort of like this new gravity theory, dark matter always seemed a bit hokey anyway.
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    I will cross my fingers for you. As someone who's gone through a rough custody battle over my daughter, I feel your pain. I wasn't able to see my daughter for a long time until I hired a very pricey lawyer(which I couldn't afford) and the judge basically threatened to throw her in jail if she ever kept her from me again. best of luck with the friend of no one. My battle was slightly easier as my daughter already has my last name.

    Best of luck!
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    trib~i completely understand the custody battle thing...i am a mother who does not have physical custody, but luckily i have joint legal custody of my children...the ones who feel the pain the worst are the kids...if you have shown consistent parenting, stability and responsibility for your daughter in the past, chances are a judge could grant you the custody...the father of my children tried pulling some stunts without my children's best interest in mind, and was rightfully put in his place by the legal system...now 2 years later, my children see us both on a regular basis and are content with the situation...
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    Tribdog, good to hear the discussion was helpfull to you, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you until the 6th, hope that all goes well and turns out in your advantage (and your daughter's)!
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    Wish you all the luck in the world.
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