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I dont think I want to know

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    What do you make of this?

    Im curious how accurate a spit sample really is. Ive taken intro genetics and I have some more advanced stuff coming next semester, but if theres an expert around Id like some opinions. I dont think Id want to know my predisposition for disease. I go through life knowing somethings going to get me someday and hoping its not today. I wonder how I would feel knowing I have a good chance of catching some horribly debilitating disease? What do you all think?
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    I think its critically important if were going to have a sucessful eugenics program.

    According to my superior DNA, I must have sex with as many super models as possible if humanity is to have any hopes of surviving. It's a hard job, but somones gotta do it.
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    I value knowing over my own personal comfort, you can always choose not to know I suppose.
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    Great, there goes any hope of me ever getting some nookie.
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    Someone has to father the untouchables to do the dirty jobs and live in the subterranean underworld with liquid hot MAG-MA.
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    No, all that means is while you spend all your time fooling around with supermodels, I'm building an empire and building clones of myself.

    It's a shame nobody will be able to see your pretty looks in the cold darkness of the subterranean world.
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    Everyone who does it will discover they have the narcissistic gene.
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    I could see couples thinking about getting married requesting a prospective spouse to take the test to see if they are someone they want to have children with. Not that I condone that, I can just see it happening.

    If your biological parents are known, you already have knowledge of hereditary diseases in your family like cancer, heart disease, etc...

    I think it's a bit of a miracle that on both of my parent's sides there has never been any hereditary disease, not even cancer, in any family member. Just high blood pressure on my dad's side, which would fall under heart disease, but that's easily controlled.
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