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I don't understand all the craze with Buffalo Wild Wings

  1. Jan 30, 2017 #1
    I've been there four times the past two months after never having been before.

    My friends and family enjoy it.

    I think it's massively overpriced for "okay" standard sports bar food and the wings aren't even that great, imo. The number of TV screens is impressive, but most sports bars will show all the major games too.

    I don't get it. It's pretty popular here, but for me, I'd never spend $20 out for some wings or a burger and drink. I say this as a broke college student, but I would imagine that even if I had lots of money I'd prefer to go elsewhere.

    Am I alone? Overrated? Or, do ya think it's the best thing since sliced bread too?
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    Fervent Freyja

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    Has it occurred to you that not everyone lives near this Buffalo Wild Wings bar?

    I do enjoy wings on occasion. I can make a mean sauce from scatch, best thing since sliced bread... I agree cooking at home not only saves money (not much with wings though), but the quality of food and time spent can be better. I think $20 or $1-2 each is probably about average for wings, I can't think of seeing them available for much less.
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    My brother and his girlfriend got food poisoning there once.
    I'm more of a drumstick person.
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    What kind of a rating did it get, and why do you think it is "overrated"?

    I've eaten there several times, and only for lunch. I can take it or leave it. It also very much depends on the sauce you choose for your wings, and if you don't like the flavor, chances are, you chose the wrong sauce.

    The ones that I've had weren't bad at all. The wings were still crispy (which is a must for any type of Buffalo wings), and the spicy sauces (you can have more than one sauces for the wings per order) were spicy. Unfortunately, I don't know if they've changed the recipe, but I find the hot sauces are not as hot as I remember them from maybe a couple of years ago.

    Besides, it is only wings (even though they have other items on the menu). How "overrated" can a place like this be?

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    I like making my own. I take the center "drumette" and scrape it down to the end so it makes a little "drumstick" (so much easier to eat), fry them, you can go plain or coated, your preference. Then I melt some butter, add my favorite hot pepper sauce and then drench the wing drumettes in it. Never, ever had one left, never a complaint, and always requests for more and the recipe. There you go.
  7. Feb 7, 2017 #6
    BWW is a huge chain franchise, FF. It probably does escape me that it's not yet taken over all parts of the U.S., though. o0)

    l think I read on CNN Money that along with Panera Bread, they've been the fastest growing chains in the U.S. restaurant biz.

    Very popular here. But I don't get it. The food just seems super average to me.

    By the way, why are buffalo wings so expensive? I think I've heard what you're talking about too. Chicken is super cheap, but b-wings are expensive. Why is that?
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    The law of supply and demand, they used to throw the wings away. But until they can get a chicken with more than 2 wings, they are going to be priced ridiculously high. I buy the whole chickens on sale for 99 cents per pound and throw the wings into a freezer bag, when I have enough, I will make wings. I can feed 4 people well for about $2.
  9. Feb 7, 2017 #8


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    And is it your expectation that everyone is going to have the exact same tastes as you? Can you imagine that one of your favorite restaurants is one that some people don't like at all?
  10. Feb 7, 2017 #9
    Fried pre-frozen chocolate bars in sugary batter used to be popular at one time.
  11. Feb 8, 2017 #10
    BWW does seem overpriced. Mrs. Dr. Courtney and I went out for the Super Bowl and chose a place right across the street from a BWW which was more modestly priced and we liked the food better. I was pleasantly surprised when it came time to pay the check. Great service also.

    At our stage of life (chasing teens) we don't get many date nights to ourselves, so we're not so price conscious, but atmosphere is important. We may have lucked out to be seated right next to a big screen TV with most of the people rooting for the same team we were, which added to the atmosphere and the fun. The BWW parking lot across the way was full, full, full. So we expect it would have been a zoo. The parking lot of the restaurant we chose was only 1/2 full, and they were happy to let us stay and keep watching the game long after we were done with the meal.

    Wings? I like 'em, but my favorite come frozen from Sam's Club. I like both the Tequila Lime and the Hot Wings. Tyson, I think. Gotta ask Mrs. Dr. Courtney to put those on the menu again soon.
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