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I drink distilled water

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    The tap water is unclean, for the sake of health and long life, it is better to invest in distiller to get the cleanest water to drink.

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    I think this is immoral.

    ...Nevermind :biggrin:
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    how is tap water "unclean"? Where I live its checked multiple times a day. Wouldn't using a distiller get rid of some of the good stuff in tap water such as floride?
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    Saint... why do you keep trying to say everything is IMMORAL (In capitals.)

    Drink your distilled water, and I'll stick mine in the iron, where it goes. :approve:

    EDIT: Saint's location is given as "Planet of MARS". I think this is pretty much spot on - he's not joking. :rofl:
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    jimmy p

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    I have two (well, 3) types of water that come from my tap - hard cold, (hot) and soft cold. Is soft water the same as distilled?
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    jimmy p

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    Actually I'm surprised George Foreman hasnt coined that one...

    "My lean, mean, hard water reducing distilling machine... I'm so proud of it, I'll put my NAME on it!"

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    My american tap water came in blue and yellow shades :eek:
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    Now I get it. Saint is the joker.
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    If it's 'distilled water', then it is not healthy to drink. It leeches minerals from your body.

    If it's 'filtered water', then it might be healthier to drink, depending upon your local water supply.

    Filtered water is probably purer than most bottled waters, since most bottled waters are just the normal local water in the vicinity of the bottling company. I have been to places where I would definitely prefer water bottled somewhere else to the local water supply (some places I've even used bottled water to pour in the coffee maker).

    Best bottled water in my (non-healthy oriented) opinion? Water Joe. Its caffeinated water. One bottle has the same amount of caffeine as 1 and 1/4 cups of coffee.
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    I smoke, I drink tape water and alcohol, i have sex even before mariage. Damn, I'll die young and go to hell. At least, I enjoy my short life. :tongue2:
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    You drink "tape water"? :O
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2004
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    I'm trying to quit and stick to alcohol, I want to avoid rust.
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    Yep, distilled water is bad for you, and if you've ever taken a sip just to find out, it tastes AWFUL (or so I've been told) :wink:

    My tap water is just fine. I prefer knowing my water has been chlorinated to kill the germs and fluorinated to try to keep some semblance of healthy teeth in my mouth (I'm terribly prone to cavities no matter what I do). Filters are okay as long as you clean them often enough. Too many people use them until they are contaminating their water with mold and algae from the filter.

    Of course, if your house still has lead pipes for some reason, then by all means, use bottled water. Or if you rely on well-water and aren't sure of how clean it is, same thing.

    If you think there may be little beasties in your water that shouldn't be, call the water company and have them check it! Or boil it.
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    What is this "tape water" anyhow? I only know of tap water, mineral water, heavy water, distilled water, boiled water, etc... I haven't heard of tape water before!
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    tape water is the way french people mistype tap water. But that's fine, you are allowed to ignore a few things :tongue2:
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    char-coal filtered at the tap
    that may not get everything out
    but it sure does taste better

    soft water is a small amounts of salt added to reduce some minerals but is not realy pure or distiled
  18. Aug 27, 2004 #17
    We use soft water for everything but drinking... apparently it's not too good to drink in large amounts?
  19. Aug 27, 2004 #18

    jimmy p

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    Hard water contains minerals which are good for you, but can cause kidney stones and such like.

    Soft water doesnt contain kidney-stone-causing minerals, but people who drink it have a higher risk of heart disease than hard water drinkers.

    Kinda catch 22 isnt it?
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    So what if you make coffee or tea with distilled water, that would be ok to drink? Not that I would, but I know people who do :smile:
  21. Aug 27, 2004 #20


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    If soft water contains salt it is simply residue. Softener salt is used to disolve the crud that collects on the filter in the softener. If you never recharge your softener then you will never use any salt. The salt is not deliberately added.

    I have owned a still and I personally think the water tastes good. At first it seems bitter but it is actually a lack of taste. You get used to it. I also found that I drank alot more water when I used the still. Just had the craving. Never heard about it leaching minerals from your body though.
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