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I encountered the essence of my soul

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    I encountered the essence of my soul under the tree of knowledge but the instant it appeared I realized the difference in the two. I could only utter its profound meaning in an unknown language of the heart that I didn't really understand so I divided my self into halves and then quarters and then eighths. After I sat down with my selves I started having very interesting conversations with them. They all seemed to collaborate on the thought that you all know the answer but choose to ignore it. I laughed at the third eighth because he was so goofy and weird. I really didn't like the seventh eighth because he was too serious. This caused a small riot between us all and I took off and ran into a police car flying in the sky with the doors open. I saw a very tall woman and a short man standing on the car, The police car started to land and then I turned into a clown. I then laughed and played with balloons until they all popped. Interesting enough the sentence I was looking to belong too was lost with my other selves somewhere. So what self am I?
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    Re: Jibberash

    Obviously the clown!
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    Oh i get it....what
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    gibberish, actually.
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