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Medical I enjoy looking at disease

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    especially nasty skin related conditions. Does that make me weird? I go to dermatlas all the time to look up skin pathologies and find them intriguing. My favorite pics so far come from seborrheic dermatitis.


    Click on the pic and you can get a super zoom in view :!!)
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    Is there anything that you wanted to discuss?
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    We can discuss how weird he is.
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    And what is it that you find particularly interesting about this skin condition on a 4 month old baby?
    Do feel you want to help through research or treating PTs?
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    Being intrigued is not a bad thing. Maybe you can study it and do research in skin diseases?? That way you can find out what's causing it and how to cure it??
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    I had a similar -but lesser- intrigation about photos/videos of people dead/dying. This lasted maybe for 2 months and now it's gone since about 1 month.
    However the picture you linked in your post doesn't really intrigate me. I'd be glad to see a video of a dog having rabies and about human skin related illness, I'd like to see how is leprosy. So I might be a little like you in some way even though I wouldn't pass an hour on this.
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    I would agree with Peng :rofl:

    I think OP wanted to discuss weird things you like.
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    Yes, it makes me wonder why the immune system does this and what if anything could be done about it. It's why I'm going to study drug delivery!
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    I guess for every one like you, there's one like me. I have a weird aversion to strangers who are sick. If I'm in line at the grocery store and it's almost my turn, if the person in back of me starts coughing badly I'll jump out of line and go get into another (longer) line.
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