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I failed for a job in astronomy

  1. Feb 9, 2010 #1
    Yesterday I got an interview
    After that, they told me to try next time if this time I was not accepted and wait for their call if they want to contact.
    When someone told you so, does that mean you failed ?
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    It depends. It could just be their policy, or perhaps you were the first in a group of people yet to be interviewed and didn't want to commit yet. How do you feel about the overall tone of the interview? Were they telling you when they would need you to start and ask if there were any issues you would need to work out to meet that start date? Were they smiling and nodding during the interview and did you get the feeling that they had accepted you? Those are always very good signs, even if they don't tentatively offer you the job during the interview.
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    Everyone does some rationalizing at one point or another. The best thing you can do is apply for another job. That way if they call you back, you will have bargaining chips.
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    yeah, try something similar, like gastronomy
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    If you got the job, they'll tell you soon. If you didn't get it, they'll never tell you. I wish you the best of luck. If, however, my wish fails, perhaps this will help:

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    Ivan Seeking

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    In sales, there is something called the be-back-bus. That's the bus that will be carrying all of those people who said, "I'll be back!". The point: Until someone offers you a job, assume that you are still looking.
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    I think every job offer I ever had came within 1 week after the interview.
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    That's the truth. I've got a be-back-cruise ship at this point. I learned about 2 years ago to always assume "I'll be back" means "you'll never see me again."
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    One job (process chemist) came within an hour of the end of the interview. I didn't have a chemistry degree, but I had relevant experience, and the manager of the Tech Department was a practical guy. I drove home after hearing that they'd get back to me, and wondered if I had done well at the interview. When I got home, my wife told me where I had to go for a medical check-up, and that I would start next Monday.

    I had spoken to 3 engineers and the department head and didn't think that I had done all that well.
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    I had a similar experience going for a job as a researcher in psychiatry at a school of medicine.

    The supervisor would have hired me with the opening at that time of the interview but he said he had to hire a registered nurse with a psychology degree who was Latina who also applied. The supervisor thought she may start a discrimination suit if he didn't hire her, even though I didn't have a degree or experience in psychology or psychiatry. I got the next opening though.

    So, Dolphiney, there may be other things at play that you don't know.
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