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Testing I failed in my engineering exam!

  1. Jul 25, 2012 #1
    Hi all,

    I remember my school days when i used to be a very excellent student of my class. I got admission in an engineering institute. I moved to other city for my studies. I rented a room to live in that strange new crowded city. No mom there. I've always been a mamma's boy.

    With the help of concepts i've built in my school, i was able to clear my first year in engineering (with poor grades). But as things are getting advance now, i am failing. I failed in my third semester (here, third semester = 2nd year, 1st exam). I failed in one subject. Now in fourth semester (fourth semester = 2nd year, 2nd exam). This time i failed in three subjects. How do i cope up with all these pain. How do i make myself a better student like i used to be. I see no way. Please help me.

    beside, every other student have to attempt 6 paper this semester but i have to attempt 6 (regular) + 3 (failed ones)
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    Each course in college builds on concepts from earlier courses and so naturally they get harder each term. My suggestion is to talk with your advisor to see what can be done.

    Is there a few concepts that are really troubling you? Are you sleeping well? Are you distracted in some way? Try to determine what areas you are having problems in. Don't be so hard on yourself. Go talk to your advisor.

    When I was in my junior year things got really tough. It was when everything was new to me and I was working 30 hours per week as a commuting student. I just couldn't get my homework in on time and my grades suffered. I persevered and took fewer less challenging courses to get back on track.

    Sometimes we just need to step back and look at where we're going. Maybe a change of major is something to consider? From engineering to say comp sci if you were savvy in computers or physics if you did well there.
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